Pay attention to safe

In order to safely use the hose of Shichuan Industry、Pipe,Please follow the attention of the following operations。
The company implements quality management effectively,The quality is reliable,But in order to use it for a long time,Please pay attention to the following points when operating。When using the precautions when using it, when damage occurs,,The company is responsible for,So,Please follow the precautions。There are unknown things,You can call free phone call at any time to consult the company for consultation。

※ The following records are common matters for manufacturing products。Precautions for adding additional precautions due to individual products,So,For details, please confirm the precautions for adding products or call free telephone consultation。

Precautions before the use of hoses and pipes
  1. Due to environmental temperature、Flow temperature、The fluid object and the hose、The performance and durability of the tube has a great impact。Please use hoses and pipes that adapt to temperature and fluid。
  2. Please use it within the temperature range and use the pressure.
  3. According to the use of fluid (medicine、Pharmacy、acid、Alkali、Oil、Coatings, etc.) Different,It is estimated that the material of the hose and the tube will be sclerosis、Dynamic changes such as expansion (refer to the drug resistance in the business guide) ,Please avoid the maximum upper limit of hoses and pipes。Especially the use of highly toxic drugs、High -concentration acid、Alkali, etc.,Please consult in advance。
  4. It is estimated that there will be risks such as fire caused by electricity when used for painting.,So,Please use a product with ground line structure。
  5. When used for food,Please use food hoses。But even the hose that conforms to the announcement of the Ministry of Labor, Labor, Ministry of Workers and Provincial Orders、Pipe,For odor、The criteria for the smell also vary from person to person,So,Please fully confirm before use。and,When used in oil and fatty foods,Please call free phone call at any time to consult the company for consultation。
  6. When other special conditions of use,Please ask the company's business leader or call a free consultation phone。。
Precautions when using hoses and pipes
  1. Using below the minimum curved radius will reduce the hose、Performance of the tube,Shorten its service life,So,Please use above the minimum bending radius。and,Business Guide、When the homepage and instructions are not recorded when there is no record of the minimum bending radius,Please consult。
  2. Installation hoses、Tube,Please be careful not to be in extreme curved pipe near the installed metal connector,Avoid early damage。
  3. hose、Pipes when the length of the tube is telescopic,Please pay attention to piping with sufficient length。
  4. Pay attention to avoid hoses when piping、Tube is impacted、Squeeze,spread under the vehicle and heavy objects。In contact with metal、The sharp corners and vibrations of the cement、Bend、When contacting other materials,Please use the buffer material,Protective appliances、Steel wires and other protection after protection。
  5. When a machine used for shake or impact,Please avoid using the upper limit of the pressure。
  6. Use hose、Before the tube,Please confirm that no damage or broken part。
  7. Please avoid using a sharp tube with a sharpware、Damage of the tube (including when the box is opened) ,Avoid rupture。
  8. When stopping water,Please do it from the water intake bolt。Please slowly operate the switch of the valve when pressing pressure。
  9. The hose that does not enhance the auxiliary body cannot be used by pressure。However, except for products with pressure display。
  10. When cutting hoses,Please start with the end of the reinforcement and strengthen,Avoid damage。
Precautions when assembling metal tools
  1. When the bamboo part that is inserted into the thread is taken off,In the hose、Bamboo parts of the pipe or threaded bamboo part with oil,Please avoid baking with fire。When it is difficult to insert,Please use a little warm water to heat the hose or pipe。
  2. Threading the pipe should choose to meet the hose、The size of the tube,The bamboo part of the thread takes up should be used for hoses、The inner diameter of the tube is large,Can be fully inserted into the hose、Pipe。and,Please use burrs、Maobian products,Because this is the cause of rupture and detachment。
  3. The throat clip according to the prescribed torque,Installed in the middle of the bamboo part,Especially at high temperature,Because of hoses、Tube softened,Please adjust the laryngeal clip modefully。
  4. Please avoid the use of steel wires that replace the laryngeal clip of the rubber pipe。When removing the throat clip,Do not use tools such as hammer to make the rubber tube impact,Or use a joint with scars or rust,Otherwise,It will damage the hose and pipe,Breaking。
  5. After assembly of accessories,Due to the permanent deformation of the resin,liquid leaks may occur、Accessories fall off、rupture and other situations,About the types and hoses of accessories、Pipe material、Features,Please inquire。
  6. Please do not use the tube with the outside tactile accessories on the hose。
Checking matters
  1. Before daily use,Please be a hose、The appearance of the tube (trauma、hardening、Soferal、color change, etc.) for inspection。
  2. During use,hose、Pipes must be performed on a regular check 1 month。
  3. When the following abnormalities appear in daily inspections and regular inspections,Please stop using immediately,Replace the new hose、Pipe。
    • ① abnormal near metal ... local extension、expansion、Bend、Leak
    • ② Whether there is any trauma ... trauma、Crack、Enhanced layer of water
    • ③ Dipping in the inner and outer layer
    • ④ Other remarkable aging (hardening、Oil、Crack、expansion、Adhesive、Transformation、Broken, etc.)
Safe -related matters
  • Please remove the hose after use、Residuals of the tube,Avoid direct sunlight after washing,Keep in a ventilated place。and,Please avoid hoses、Tube is kept under extreme bending state、Multi -overlap、and in the hose、Place items on the pipe。
About abandonment after use
  1. Abolition hose after use、Tube,Please process it in accordance with the different methods stipulated by each autonomous body。
  2. Products including polyvinyl chloride If it is incinerated in a state of less than 800 ° C,It will produce two evil English。
  1. For intentional or overwhelming、Accidents caused by the reasons other than the company's products、Damage to occur in natural disasters,Our company is not responsible。
  2. For the instructions of the company's product introduction (including product manual)、Damage caused by the use method of use,Our company is not responsible。
  3. For the use of our products or not in use, indirect、Losses related (business interruption、Damaged business profits, etc.) ,Our company is not responsible。
  4. Questions about the content of the company、Damage,When a clear record of the responsibility of the company,Our company is not responsible。